By Aly Kirke, TIWP Student

I am tiny, but I am huge. My imagination wilder than a beast, my mind as open as the Pacific. The only boundaries I know are how far I can run before I am cheating in the neighborhood game of tag. Endless brilliant possibilities of what might come tomorrow bloom in patches of diverse roses and flowers until I shift into my dreams. My dreams are just as boundless as my imagination, as limitless as space. I am capable of the unthinkable and the impossible. And when I wake I still feel as though I can fly, if I reach my arms up just high enough. When I realize that, in fact, that is not true, I make myself a pair of wings:  two thin tires that could take me anywhere! Connected by yellow bars, Lightning seemed the only name suitable. It could take me through a swarm of bees without a sting, carry me to my best friend’s house in a flash. And when I go fast enough and just glide, I can let go of my handlebars—so careful, yet so reckless. In this moment, I know I am flying. I know that I am infinite.

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