An Open Letter to the Intuitive Writing Project

From Cathy Lambert, TIWP Parent and Writer in our TIWP Women’s Program

I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks to the Intuitive Writing Project. For the past seven years, you’ve gifted our daughters with the time and space to share their deepest thoughts and to inspire each other and those around them. Most of all, you’ve given them an encouraging environment of self-discovery, the chance to be heard, supported and united through the deep connection of writing with and reading to each other.

In the often overwhelming and over-scheduled life of a teen, the Intuitive Writing Project carves out dedicated time for our daughters to slow down and think, to reconnect with themselves, to pour out their thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams onto paper. There is something very therapeutic, calming, and uplifting about taking the time for self-reflection. I don’t know of any other program out there for teenage girls that reduces anxiety and stress and elicits the peace and joy that comes from their time spent writing together. My daughter has told me many times that writing with you is the highlight of her week. TIWP is the one commitment that she truly looks forward to and comes home from feeling reenergized and happy.

This reflective time away from homework, studying, athletics, college prep, and the glowing screens that surround and consume our daughters’ lives is so valuable. It’s a place to escape the noise and stress of the world around them and have a quiet, comforting space to search deep inside and try to make some sense of it all. It truly is a wondrous gift, the brightness you shine on these girls who often feel surrounded by dark clouds of negativity, dishonesty, selfishness and uncertainty in today’s world. You grant them the time and place to become comfortable expressing their unabashedly true and honest selves with one another.

You have inspired my daughter in so many ways, coaxing her out of her own shadows of self-doubt by shining a subtle spotlight on her writing ability and encouraging her to dig deep to discover herself through her writing. You’ve given her courage and confidence to trust her voice and allow it to be seen and heard by others. You will forever be a strong and brightly colored thread woven into the fabric of who she is becoming as an adult, just as you’ve done for so many other talented young writers during the challenging years between childhood and adulthood. You have given my daughter, and so many girls like her, an opportunity for true self-expression and, with that, peace, hope, and confidence.



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