It’s Pretty Insane

By Katerina Bonderud, TIWP Student

We live on a flipping huge sphere that spins around itself whilst spinning around a living hell of fire, which is ironically the only reason why this sphere exists. On this sphere of ours, we coexist with every other species. We live on a sphere that shelters and creates life for trillions of species. We all live here together. However, within the last minute of our twenty-four hour clock, we humans have managed to… what? Would “corrupt” this beautiful sphere be the right word? Or maybe “take full-blown, atomic-level advantage” is more accurate. We were created here against magnificent odds. We are beings in the universe that defied the impossible. Here are all of us amazing creatures, against all odds.

This universe—one out of infinity—was put here. This solar system was put here. This little neighborhood of planets was put here. This planet was put here. Every being, living and nonliving, was put here. Then came history. Then came you. Then there is now. Time may be a concept. But you are not a concept.

You have a worth that cannot be put into words, numbers or concepts. You co-exist with all beings that are trying to figure out what it means to be themselves. We are not the same. Maybe on an atomic level and bone level. But what formed from that atomic level and bone level is not like any other.

The bottom line is, it’s insane how all of us live together. It’s insane how some of us have soulmates. It’s unfathomable how we are able to deal with each other’s insanity.

So when you look outside, glance to the person or people around you, or get information about the insanity that is going on in this beautiful sphere of ours, think about this one thing:

It’s truly magical how we coexist with one another!

With that, know that it is okay if you go insane on this trip of living. It is okay. And frankly, if you think you’re not insane, think again, boo. You were born out of insane odds. So how are you not insane? It’s only fair and human of you!

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