To Be Seen

By Dina Varellas, TIWP Board Member
A poem inspired by the young writers of the Intuitive Writing Project

Scared, she suppresses silently in the shadow of shame.
Her rage is but a beautiful storm wet with passion and fiery.
Eager to ripen and harvest.
Spark beauty out of darkness.
Flame into creation.

She wants to be seen.

Surf the storm of uncertainty.
Stable and safe among the waves of change, loss, and grief.
Longing to stay, to witness the destruction.
Exposing the wisdom, the jewel behind the emotion.
To hold steady navigating the unknown.

She wants to be seen.

She nudges you. Take her hand, wipe the tears.
She pokes you. Not to be triggered by sensation or past influence.
But, witnessed as gentle support.
She desires transformation, growth.
To welcome death and destruction as an opportunity for re-birth and evolution.

She wants to be seen.

Salute fears, not bury and condemn.
Break down barricades around her pounding heart.
Frightened for she was lost.
You have the compass to lead.
Show her.

She wants to be seen.

Forgive, embrace with compassion.
Assume all of her, emotions, envy, and wild beauty.
Asleep and guided by deceit, she was acting from a place of polite purpose.
She is awake. Aware.
Sustain effort until the desolate dissolves.

She wants to be seen.

To surrender, let go.
Love her.
All of her.
She believes in you.
Believe in you.

She wants to be seen.
But only by the eyes of the beholder.


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