By Neena Grewal, TIWP Student

I’m dedicating every day to you
You outshine the morning sun
Stand bright against the evening stars
Are more admired than the midnight moon
Surely there must have been a time
Or a place
Or a universe
Where I was free to love you
As much as you deserve

A world away and I drown
There are two girls in my arms wailing
And I don’t know which one is you
She has your skin
Your eyes
Your tongue
She has your faith
Your anger
Your love
I name them in a state of duress
They never give us enough time to think on a name

Everything’s different
Everything’s the exact same
My bones ache and my head burns
The air is thick with smoke
And hatred
There’s somewhere you belong
I see it with blinded eyes
I can’t wait to hold your hand
And sing our dumb song
And tell you I fell too hard in love
And skinny dip in the river of heaven

I can’t wait to see you
With all the love for the world in your eyes
Right where it belongs

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