Cola Latte

By Katerina Bonderud, TIWP Student

Picture this: You are in a coffee shop trying to study for finals. You have a cup of “coffee” which is actually just a cup of hot chocolate that your are waiting to cool down. Beside it, you have a bag of gummy bears because those are the only sane things to eat while studying.

You are working through some math problems when you realize how bad the music in the coffee shop is. You go up to the cash register and ask if they could change it. They say “Yes, but only if you order the Cola Latte.” You say “Ew, gross!” in response. But then you ponder over the thought of a Cola Latte and think how interesting it is. You ask how much it is, and they reply with “ten dollars.” You roll your eyes and think heck no. But when the next song comes on you think of how your mom would never approve of something so bad. You hand them your crumpled up and ripped ten dollar bill. They reply with a short “thank you,” and give you the phone which controls the music.

A shot glass is set in front of you at your table and you say “Oh sorry, that’s not for me.” But the person handing it to you says “Yes it is. It’s the Cola Latte.” They walk away without letting you ask your next question.

You just sit there staring at it, then decide to ignore it and find better music. You tap on your favorite song, and it starts to blast into the room. You smile and set down the phone to work on your math. You get through only one question and realize that your hot chocolate should be cool down by now. You take a sip from it. While doing so, you eye the Cola Latte. You set down the hot chocolate, then pick up the shot glass. Your eyes widen at the fact of how small the latte really is.

You smell it, and it smells so good you almost moan. You laugh and think how bad could it be? So you look around to make sure no one is watching you, and then you dip the tip of your tongue in it. The latte is the best thing you ever tasted, and with in a blink of an eye you drink it all. You frown that you finished it, but then get back to work.

Before you know it, your have zoomed through all your math, science, English, history, and French work and are out of the building. When you get into the car, you look at the time. It doesn’t seem right, so you check your phone. But it is the same time. You realize that you only went into the coffee shop for ten minutes and listened to only three songs. What happened? you think, but start to drive away, trying not to think much about it.

By the time you get to your house, you piece everything together. They put a Focus Miracle in the latte which didn’t only make you study quickly, but also made you get out of there so you wouldn’t have to listen to their music. And that’s how you found your favorite drink to study for every test in ten minutes.


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