Why Are We Here?

By Audrey Lambert, TIWP Student

If fire dances, why do we stand still?
If a river runs, why do we walk?
If rain falls, why do we never leave the ground?
If trees sway, why are we stiff?

Where is our passion?
Why do inanimate objects spark more change than we do?
A river can erode land.
Rain can rise a river.
Fire can burn down a forest.
Trees can grow new ones.

Why are we here?
We destroy, we kill.
We once believed the sun revolved around us.
How idiotic.

Why are we here?
What can we change?
We are irrelevant to the age of the universe and a speck of dust to the size of it.
We are utterly insignificant.
More insignificant than ants are to us.
Even ants can carry 5,000 times their own weight.

What can we do?
Move a piece of dirt?
Cut down a tree?
Burn down a forest?

Why don’t we help?
If we have the ability to dance like the fire, run like the river, fall like the rain, or sway like the trees, why are we motionless?

Why are we here if we won’t move?

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