A Reminder

By Julia Lima, TIWP Student

wake up in silk sheets. notice how it feels to rub your toes against them. get out of bed. its early in the morning. notice how cold your breath is. the window beside you is tremendous. it is raining over the tall city buildings. listen to the sound of your soulmate asleep in the bed. walk into the hallway. notice the wag of your dog’s tail. take a hot shower. notice how the beads of water bounce off your skin. stand in the steam. you’re calm. step out and get dressed. button up your shirt with patience. walk to the mirror. notice how bright you look. step out and make breakfast. swing the fridge door open all the way. have a slow meal. be thankful for each bite. notice how slow you can chew. return the bedroom. kiss you soulmate goodbye. notice their soft snore. smile. grab your bags. head out the door. pop earbuds into your ears. play the song you like. notice your foot quietly tapping to the beat. take the stairs instead. notice how the raindrops trickle down your umbrella. watch the sky change. wait. pull out a book and scribble your scrambled thoughts. notice how the paper feels against your fingertips. breathe. taste the rain. notice how alive you feel.

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