By Ryann Drue, TIWP Student


A word
I believe
to hold a vast spectrum
of dignity and pride.
A word
that does not stand beside
but engulfs the true meaning
of what it is to be strong,
to be powerful.
A word
I believe
to hold the fierce beauty
of a glowing fire.

But it is also a word
that endures the criticism
of a dangerous world.
A word
that should not have to be subjected
to the word of man.
For the true meaning
is far too beautiful for that.

I am not bestowing
the superiority of women;
I am emphasizing the truth
of strength in women.
A truth that is discarded
in ignorance and tradition.
But a truth
of such an indescribable power
that always rises to remind,
to remind man
of the true capability
of a woman.

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