Lazy Summer Afternoon

By Isabelle, TIWP student

Peach tea on a Sunday afternoon

wooden porch and crystallized sugar

mornings like honey

evenings like scotch

And every soul in the county knows 11pm is the best time to see the fireflies against the treeline

And every kid in the house knows that after church there will be a big breakfast

And every young couple in a truck parked just off the road knows they have to get out of this town

morning like molasses

high noons like a dusty summer’s day

And every mouse in the field knows the tractor schedule

And every 14 year old boy with a six pack know which farmers have shotguns and which fields you can get away with inviting your friends to

And every 18 year old knows they have their Dad’s ranching business to fall back on

even as they’re driving through the corn fields and the endless hills of grass to get to where they’re going. They know they could always turn right back around.

Dawns like hot tea

Dusks like an old photo album — the kind with pictures of the kids when 3 teeth were missing

And the teens wash their car down every night because there’s only one paved road in the whole town

On weekends the next door neighbor brings homemade shortbread cookies over in exchange for iced coffee and sometimes she stays for Saturday night ribs and 2 cold beers

Every toddler knows that it wasn’t hard work if you don’t smell like sweat

Every young girl know that strength looks like their mother telling Dad that he’s had enough to drink tonight

Every little boy knows that love looks like their father’s eyes in the wedding picture on the kitchen wall

High noons like a pool party on a hot day

Midnights like hot summer air

Every highschooler knows there’s a party this Friday night

Every player on the football team knows they have to win the homecoming game

Winters like the sting of working after the sun’s gone down

Summers like a teenage dream

Everyone knows the rules at this town.

They haven’t changed in 50 years.

It doesn’t make it any less exciting when Jackson the quarterback takes Lauren to the drive-in movie.

It still spreads through the school and now everyone knows.

Everyone knows.

Everyone knows the rules of this town.

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