It Just Isn’t.

By Madison Alvarado, TIWP student

Justice. It’s a funny thing. We tell ourselves the law is the truth and the law is fairness and of course our system isn’t flawed. The law brings Justice.

But then again, it just doesn’t.

A rapist sentenced to just six months because the crime he committed only took “about twenty minutes.” A cop gunning down a black teen found innocent. A woman who kills her abusive husband is given twenty years even though in her eyes it was self defense. A man who robs at night to feed his children in the morning is given a year and loses custody of said children.

Democracy. It’s a funny thing. We tell ourselves that Democracy is the the foundation of America and Democracy is the answer and of course our system isn’t flawed. Democracy gives everyone an equal say.

But then again, it just doesn’t.

Politicians in DC manipulate and bribe. Senators are paid millions to not pass gun control legislation after one of the most deadly mass shootings in American history. The people are fed propaganda and lies from messages that are approved of by some really important people. The electoral college prevents “mobocracy” but is really a method designed to milk down the voices of the people. Members of the House of Representatives sleep with their young secretaries but somehow they’re still qualified to make the difficult moral choices presented to them.

Education. It’s a funny thing. We tell ourselves Education is the great equalizer and Education is the building block of society and of course our system isn’t flawed. Education brings equality.

But then again, it just doesn’t.

Schools don’t have enough money to give students simple supplies. Tenure allows teachers a free pass to fill students’ heads with fluff all year. Kids aren’t motivated because they know they can’t afford college. Equal opportunity is nonexistent because there isn’t enough time, money, or resources for everyone. Or, the pressure to succeed is so great that teens throw themselves in front of trains and shoot themselves.

America. It’s a funny place. We tell ourselves America is the land of the free and America is the home of the brave and of course it isn’t flawed. America turns dreams to reality.

But then again, it just doesn’t.

One percent of the country holds almost forty percent of all private wealth. We have more than enough food, but still people starve. Police brutality runs rampant. Gang violence ropes in children. Teens die of drug abuse at an incredibly young age. Politicians run the system for their personal benefit. Proper schools are nonexistent in some areas. Equality is assumed, but never enforced. Justice is not served.

Sometimes, we convince ourselves that the world is okay.

But then again, it just isn’t.

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