Thoughts from the Bottom of a Bathtub

By Madison Alvarado, TIWP student There are no monuments for the German soldiers who fought during World War II in Holocaust museums. There are no memories of the quiet, brave soul who hid refugees in her home. There are no bad American soldiers, who piss on corpses and rape people’s daughters or shoot and kill […]

It Just Isn’t.

By Madison Alvarado, TIWP student Justice. It’s a funny thing. We tell ourselves the law is the truth and the law is fairness and of course our system isn’t flawed. The law brings Justice. But then again, it just doesn’t. A rapist sentenced to just six months because the crime he committed only took “about […]


By Madison Alvarado, TIWP student 400,000 breaths sit in silence, held with anticipation under six feet of dirt; those men do not stir. 400,000 hearts holding a beat; a flag and a bullet are their company. 400,000 white marble blocks, each one and the same. The names that are engraved are different but each spells […]

A Right to Vote Isn’t a Right to Equality

By Madison Alvarado, Intuitive Writing Project student What does it mean when you tell a woman she can cast a ballot but she can’t show her face? How does a country consider itself a democracy when every single day it strips 50 percent of its population of their freedoms? It seems funny to me that […]

Reverse Racism is not Real

By Madison Alvarado, Intuitive Writing Project student As issues of ingrained racism, sexism, and homo/transphobia in our world have recently come into light, there has been an aggressive backlash by those who feel as if they are being wrongly singled out as oppressors because they are white, male, straight or cisgender. Those who are defensive on […]

GPA Never had a Truer Meaning

By Madison Alvarado, Intuitive Writing Project student GPA, Grade Point Average, Three letters, one number. 4.0 Never good enough, 3.0 Why doesn’t she try harder? 2.0 She may as well give up on college, 1.0 Was she dropped as a child?


The following article was written from the heart during a recent class at The Intuitive Writing Project. TIWP and The Intuitive Voice want to know how young people are feeling about the epidemic of mass shootings that are occurring across the country, but most significantly, in their schools. Please share your thoughts with us by […]