Thoughts from the Floor of a Bathroom During a Bat Mitzvah

By Harper Bergquist, TIWP Student My sister is popular and it really is irritating me because she has 10,000 friends and I have two. Hiding in the bathroom is not the best way to spend a party. I complain way too much. I’m glad you didn’t leave me on Monday because I was hella sad […]

Self Rescue

By Harper Bergquist, TIWP student Once upon a time, in the small pink room with eight walls and a mirror for the floor, a girl ten years old began to sing. And though her voice was hoarse from the years of silence, and no one was around to hear her, letting out the tunes seemed […]

What to Wear?

By Harper Bergquist,¬†Intuitive Writing Project student She was wearing a cotton t-shirt. It was gray, with the emblem of her high school on it. She was dressed in loose jeans, her hair cut short. She was holding a sign. “This is what I was wearing,” it said. “Tell me I asked for it. I dare […]