With Love, Your Basic, Beige Bra

By Elizabeth Oxendine, TIWP Student I was born from the calloused hands of an elderly Filipino woman. She had made me in haste, stitches rushed but precise, lace trimmed speedily but with steady hands. She’d made hundreds of my siblings in the dawnless hours after midnight. To her, I was just another paycheck to feed […]

What He Doesn’t Know of Love

By Elizabeth Oxendine He claims he loves her on a Thursday. Six months into their relationship, he thinks that what he feels for her is love. He dreams of her curves and her body. The way his testosterone levels spike the moment he sees the lacy strap of her bra is “what love is supposed […]

A Modern Fairytale

By Elizabeth Oxendine, TIWP student Once upon a time, there was an anti-feminist fairy tale, where a prince saves a princess and falls in love with her looks. But now this is the 21st century. Today women kick ass. They save themselves. And they fall in love with men or women with personality. There are […]