From Bug To God

By Annabelle Kennedy, TIWP Student

I know you created me. 
I know you created me, and everything and everyone. 
I know you created some creatures to be small enough to be mistaken for a grain of sand and some To be big enough to pierce the clouds and make them bleed the rain that feeds the Earth
But did you not realize, when you created me
The smallest of all living things 
That those who were bigger and stronger
Could crush me beneath their feet and fists
As easily as picking up a glass 
Or speaking a word
And yet I love them 
Far, far more than I love myself 
And yet they still think me so insignificant 
So worthless to the human mind and body
That they could kill me
And not a tear nor a prayer of remembrance
Could fall from their lips
But I know you must have created me for a reason
For even the smallest of us has a big part to play in the game of the universe 
So when they come for me 
With their fists and feet and cruel voices that laugh as my life fades into the invisible salt sea 
I pray that no one thinks I am so miniscule that they would strike me down so quickly. 
I pray that my size will not be a determining in the role I play in the endless game of the universe. 
I pray no one kills me for the crime of being small.

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