If You Steal a Van Full of Cats . . .

By Bryn Van Den Broeck, TIWP Student

You work at an animal shelter and you are delivering a van full of cats when you start to feel hungry. You park the van but you forgot to lock the doors. You are about to walk into the restaurant when you hear the van start and drive away. You look back but you can’t decide what to do! Do you A: borrow a car or B: let the cats take care of it. 

A: You ask a man on the street if you can borrow his car. Luckily, he says yes without you giving him an explanation and gives you the keys. You jump in and step on the gas but you are going too fast! The police start to chase after you after seeing the man on the street. They think that you are not obeying the speed limit and have stolen a car. You get arrested and never get to see the cats again. 

B: You let the cats take care of it. You never really liked animals anyway. When the thief realizes that you are not going to chase him, you slow down before you catch the police’s attention. (You will now be reading from the cat’s perspective.) While the van is speeding, you suddenly jolt awake and you shake your friends but they don’t wake up. Then you see that the door is partly open. You have a choice. Do you C: stay in the van or D: jump for your life!

C: You stay in the van with the other cats when you start to smell something familiar. The smell seems to be coming from the front seat. But before you can finish your thought, the others start to wake up. Your ears perk up as you hear someone trying to open the emergency escape door on the van. Do you E: think it is someone trying to help you or do you F: think that it’s a murderer trying to kill you.

D:  You jump for your life! It seems that you are falling forever but you eventually hit the ground. Right then and there, you get run over by a moving car and you now are as flat as a pancake. 

E: It must be someone trying to help you, you think. You see him emerge from the door. It’s a man in all black holding a knife. He seems kinda dumb though, as he’s wearing a shirt that says “I’m a murderer!” He throws you out of the van but luckily, on the side of the road where there are no moving cars. You have no food or water and eventually starve to death. 

F: You kick him right back down the door where he belongs and your fellow cats help you close the door. Nothing happened and you feel the tension in the air. Nothing bad happens which is good. It looks like everything will be okay, for now. The back door for the van swings open, surprising you. Do you G: hide, or H: stay exactly where you are. 

G: You duck under a table just as everything burns into flames. The table is metal and can withstand a meteor attack. The sky starts to pour down rain and extinguish the flames. The man who opens the door emerges from the smoke. He’s the one who smells familiar. (He smells like pencil shavings and oranges, if you must know.) A memory comes flashing back that he was your original owner. The company with the van stole the cats to make money. You sense that the company is plotting revenge.

H: You stay exactly where you are. At that moment, a meteor comes crashing down on you. I think that you know what happens next. Nobody can survive a meteor attack.

The end!

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