This Dream

By Auhona Newaz, TIWP Student

Ok, ok, let me start from the beginning.

I was sleeping and sleeping even though I couldn’t sleep and

I dreamed about me and

who was it?

Oh yeah, I remember it was Margret and I’ll admit it,

this dream was kinda hazy and crazy and dazey.

                                                                                          Where was I?

We were in a parking garage by that place in that area by the mall.

Wow, that’s random. Whatever.

There’s more to my dream.

We were talking and talking about things I can’t remember

and then it was flooding in the garage so we climbed to the top.

Do you think it means something?

                                                                                          What was I saying?

So,                        the whole planet was flooding and

then we turned into birds—

                                                                                         Hey, don’t leave, I’m not done!

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