Feng Shui

By Caroline Hesby, TIWP College Student

the flow of wind and water.
the flow of qi — cosmic current,
cosmic energy
cosmic energy
a source of life and prosperity
flowing through a village,
cleansing Earth as it goes.

the flow of wind and water.

I crack open my chest and
entice the cosmic current.
I hear it whispering around me as I walk,
like a slinking, wise dragon.

It’s purple and gold and whiskered.
It does not say a word but I know it awaits my invite.

My dragon carries this qi—
its glistening scaled skin heals only my wounds,
awaits to coat me in rich medicine of starlight.

I’m ready for it to travel through me

and dust me with clean star cells—
glittering specks of pure healing, pure sunlight,
pure treasures of wisdom and wealth.

the flow of wind and water.

a cosmic current.

build your body like a village
with flowing rivers on three sides.
place yourself near a grove of trees 
that shield you from poisonous rays.

lay back against the green, rocky hill that keeps you raised to the stars
and let the qi flow down, down, around
and through.

your dragon is waiting for you.
they know your soul is cosmic and true—
let them through,
let them through.

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