You = Everything

By Maeve Clinger, TIWP Student

i will miss you like the sun misses the stars

because i think i have figured it out

i am allergic to all people,

all people except you.

i will bring you down

like rain heaving clouds

because i hold on too tight

and instead of drifting away

i am ripped away

and like tape is ripped off walls

there’ll aways be a mark, an imperfection.

i will love you like the sand loves the sea

and when you recede back into the world

i will dry out, and be too burned for people too touch

until you come back again, filling me up again,

and i become apart of humanity

and when you leave, like the sun leaves the stars, 

i will weep like the clouds weep rain, 

and i will dry out, like the sand after the sea,

and then, finally, i will be nothing but wind again.

ever moving, ever flowing, 

never finding it’s second half.

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