Melting Clock

By Maeve Clinger, TIWP Student

days go by

and by

i can’t remember what day it is

or what year it is

where i am

where i was

where i will be 

everything fades in and out


they say 

“where did you go?”

“are you even listening to me?”

“where is your mind!?”

to be honest

i don’t know

probably floating around in space

caught in the rings of Saturn 

only to be swallowed up by a black hole.

classes are a blur of words and negative emotions

why even go anymore

school is a scam. 

life is a scam.

why do we even exist anymore?

i shouldn’t exist.

there is no point of me being on this earth. 

or you being here.

or him. 

or her. 

they are all just greedy, selfish, revolting 


i don’t want to be here

i don’t want to be apart of this anymore.

cocaine thoughts.


it was at that moment 

when she lay in her bed

dirty dishes and unfolded laundry

covering her floor 

like the pieces of her heart

she realized

sleep was no option for escape anymore 

because each time she woke up

she saw results that were unwanted

and nothing ever changed

she was a plain face in a crowd of masks

reliving the same day

over and over

and what if she wasn’t actually tired

but her heart was?

maybe if one day

when the world became a black hole

once again, sucking her into nothingness

and she laid down to sleep

what if when

she closed her eyes

she never opened them again

what would she see?


when she walks in 

the world stops

and everybody stares

at her long luscious locks

of deep black

her thoughtful, kind 

ocean eyes 

the way she holds herself 

like a humble ruler 

aware everyone is below her 

but not showing it 

when she passes you,

you’ll get a wave of 

darkness and Dior

she is dressed in designer 

yet still kneels down on her 

2,000 dollar pants 

and says hi to a child 

she is the pure essence of woman

everything I want to be.



great old libraries 

filled to the brim with books

old and torn, yellow pages.

an ancient grandfather clock




statues and paintings 

covering the walls of a building 

expensive wallpaper

ceilings of gold

old money.


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