By Audrey Howard, TIWP Student

She would give you dances in the moonlight
She would do many things for you
She could burn the universe down for you
She would give you wondrous times
Her beauty stands alone
She would give you everything you wanted
You could be godlike
You could be rich beyond human conception
You could be a creature of the world beyond the curtain of reality
You could dance her moonlight melodies forever
If you accept her over all else
If you give up your frivolous human needs and passing whims
If you do this, your happiness will last for all of eternity
You will be a creature of a much higher plane than mankind
If you simply open the curtains to a world
More wondrous than cold brutal words can describe
More beautiful and enthralling than anything anyone can dream of
For this enrapturing eternity of joy
Learn to let go of the past and take her arm

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