New Moon Part 1

By Audrey Howard, TIWP Student

“Tayen” Jalen asked Tayen on the day that would change her life.
“Tayen! Are you sure” Jalen nagged his cousin. ‘This isn’t a choice where after the consequences you can run to your parents” “Yes” she answered confidently. Later that day, in a raid on the native village, Jalen, and his fiance Mitena were killed. Mitena was in love desperatley with Jalen and he reciprocated exactly. Tayen cried long and hard. Mitena was the chiefs second daughter, her sister was Pavati, who had luckily been in another village at the time. A slave trader was among the colonists there and kidnapped Tayen to make her a slave to a wealthy high paying man in England. She was going to be shipped off to England to a wealthy man name Donald Write. He dragged her to his boat, she struggled and kicked him multiple times. She screamed. He just swore at her and said she would get a punishment she would never forget when she got to his boat. Tayen didn’t understand any English, much less this threat, she was native American. So she kept on screaming and hitting the man, William Johansen, as he pulled harder. He shoved her into his ship and said “what is your name, ignorant brat?” he said snidely. “Soyala” she said, thinking he would shoot her with a gun she wanted him to know her name. So he knew her name and set off, after beating her. And began her new life as Soyala, maid of William Johansen.

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