Look Don’t Tell

By Olivia Falk, TIWP Student

Cerulean eyes and messy dyed hair to a face overtaken with large framed glasses,
who everyone assumes the worst of,
they just don’t see him
A face overtaken with large framed glasses to a strawberry-blonde in a bold,
monochromatic outfit that exudes confidence,
who hides her shaking hands
A strawberry-blonde to a head of tight,
tiny curls that fall down as far as hair can grow,
who wears boots that accentuate her insecurity,
her big feet,
because she is determined to love them
She looks at him
He looks at her
She looks at her
The neverending merry-go-round of unrequited love continues smoothly
“Look don’t tell,” it works great in writing,
but not with people
Maybe someday they’ll break out of that circle of eyes,
the cycle of silent admiration
But for now,
they just keep on looking

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