Where Does the Wind Sway You?

By Genet Dutto, TIWP Student

Why does it seem we only find happiness in the biggest hurrahs? The joys of having financial stability, a healthy body, a healthy family, and a growing mind and heart is an accomplishment to me. Why is it we put so much effort and energy to move up the ladder just to get a quick dose of happiness that’s only going to last a moment? What does it mean to just be grateful for you? What does it mean to just live for you? You don’t always have to think about the next move. Instead, you can think about the people you want to surround yourself with, to know your worth is not dependent on how much you have or how much you offer to the world. Everybody has their own special world they live in. Why don’t we start living ours? Why don’t we approach everything with the kindness and gratitude? Don’t be scared of the unknown. Sway with the wind and see where it takes you. Create personal goals based on your achievements and not others’. To have trust in knowing you are exactly where you are supposed to be is one start to living your life.

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