Night Writing

By Zara Quiter, TIWP Student

I can make shadows dance. Late at night, under the covers when the bright streetlight peeks through the blinds, illuminating a tiny corner of my room. And then it starts to move, on the mirror, on the door. And a small voice in my head. About a hero, who wants change. Who wants to stop some evil ruler, forcing poverty onto the world. She learns handy-dandy spells on the way, and meets a lady who ran away after their dance, after she took off her cloak. Then she faces the ruler and stops him like a superhero would in a kids movie, flipping and twirling with her magic wand and “mysterious” cloak. She gives a heroic speech to the kingdom and explains what’s happened. But the problem is, the world is in chaos! But the lady volunteers and leads the world to peace. That’s the end. Maybe not my greatest inner movie, but I just thought. If that’s what I can create and imagine at night… What more can I do?

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