Leaping Faith

By Noah Orosco, TIWP Student

I know you’ve been struggling, trying to find a little bit of emotion.
Lately you’ve been thinking, I hope you hear the words through all the commotion.
Let me light the dark path that seems to sway your sight.
Your future can be bright, you just need new insight.
I promise you this thundering storm will start to dissipate.
You anticipate hard times and it seems impossible with the pressure,
you hold a fake smile, hoping no one will notice it
but I hope you feel these words I’m telling you.
I know you’re stronger than you think.
You just have to find the light that is within your soul.
Swim out of this melting pot of emotions,
take that leaping faith out the bowl.
You just have to find what your looking for.
You just got to cope with the agonizing pain
that I know you can defeat.
I’ll be here for you.
I’ve been down the same road
and now I’m here hoping we can understand each other
through our struggles and mishaps.

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