What’s Hiding?

By Maya Petzoldt, TIWP Student

A drake hides in your jewelry box,
And fae in your garden.
Mermaids sneak within your pipes,
And imps within your walls.
Centaurs walk your halls,
And vampires fly through your attic.
Werewolves live outside your window,
And witches camp outside your doors.
Gods live under your bed,
And demons have made a home in your floors.
But reality has trapped itself in your dreams,
And your stories are chained to their pages.
You have to fight the walls you have created,
And break down the gates you have built.
Reality awaits you,
Although perhaps with worse horrors.
These problems won’t disappear with salt and silver bullets,
With garlic and iron rings.
But that does not mean they are permanent,
And nothing truly is.
Perhaps that is a lesson you’ve taken,
From that world you’ve created.

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