Random Thoughts

By Ayumi Nagayama, TIWP Student

  • Oh my gosh, why can’t I draw hands?
  • Why is life so expensive?
  • How do you draw a perfect circle freehand?
  • Who is life so hard?
  • I’m hungry.
  • What if my family dies?
  • Awwww my dogs are cute!
  • Why does my favorite character have to die in literally everything I watch? 
  • Ewww boys!
  • Why do we have to wash our towels if the shower is supposed to clean us?
  • I want food!
  • Dammit, I have so much homework!
  • Why does homework even have to exist?
  • How is writing on a shirt distracting? 
  • What’s the actual point of life?
  • Why are Japanese books backwards?
  • How do I draw faces?
  • I want to sleep.

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