18 Random Thoughts

By Ayumi Nagayama, TIWP Student

1. Oh my gosh, why can’t I draw hands? 2. Why is life so expensive? 3. How do you draw a perfect circle freehand? 4. Why is life so hard? 5. I’m hungry. 6. What if my family dies? 7. Awwww my dogs are cute! 8. Why does my favorite character have to die in literally everything I watch? 9. Ewww boys! 10. Why do we have to wash our towels if the shower is supposed to clean us? 11. I want food! 12. Dammit, I have so much homework! 13. Why does homework even have to exist? 14. How is writing on a shirt distracting? 15. What’s the actual point of life? 16. Why are Japanese books backwards? 17. How do I draw faces? 18. I want to sleep.

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