The Ugly Princess

By Evie Broce, TIWP Student

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess. The princess wasn’t just beautiful, she was also cruel. She always swatted away animal creatures, and sprayed bug spray on butterflies.

But one day, her Mother told her that she had to move out of the castle for punishment. The princess then set up a campsite to sleep in, and for shelter. This campsite was close to the forest, and the witch’s house. The witch cursed people who were cruel.

The princess came to the witch’s house and said, “Open up, old wrinkly witch!”

“No, not even if I twitch!” the witch said.

“Oh, you’re making me mad!” the princess said.

“Calm down, ring-a-dang-bad!” the witch shouted. The witch waved her wand, and that beautiful princess turned ugly with warts all over her nose, a lumpy back, and zits all over!

“Oh, please! Turn me beautiful again!” the princess pleaded.

“No. You have to be kind for seven days to all, then you will be beautiful again. If you fail I will turn you into a troll forever,” the witch said.

The princess walked back to her campsite and felt so lonely. Out of nowhere a cute bunny came along. Once it saw her it hid behind a tree. “It’s okay little bunny,” she said. “I bring you no harm.” The bunny crept over. The princess put her hand out and the bunny froze. She then picked it up and set it in her lap. After that all the animal creatures in the forest crept out, and the princess started singing, “Come herrrrre, little animalllllls. I will protect yoooooou.”

After the song everyone was asleep. The princess looked at all the animals one last time, then fell asleep. The rest of the week was fun for the princess. One day at the lake, the princess looked at her reflection, stunned. She was prettier than before! She ran to the witch’s house. When she got there the witch was gardening her mushrooms.

“Oh, old witch, am I done being ugly?” the princess asked.

“Yes, dear, you’re beautiful now,” the witch said. The princess hugged the witch and waved goodbye. From that day on, the princess was the most kind princess she could ever be.

The End!

1 Response

  1. Melody-Anne Sxhultz

    Evie this is a beautiful story, with and insight to behaviour beyond your young 9 years of age. Your story is written with compassion and experience, and an understanding of how self indulged and cruel some people can be to others, humans, animals and the tiniest bug.

    You are very creative


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