Things To Remember, Going Into Middle School

By Summer Steinert, TIWP Student

1. Don’t take things so seriously. Part of this is to remember to not overthink. I remember going into Middle School, I would overthink so many things about myself and other people. It’s important to sit back and relax and remember that 99% of the things that you worry about do not happen. And this sucks because it is so easy to get into that mentality of overthinking and worrying. Try to break out of this mentality going into Middle School.

2. Understand that everyone is fighting their own battles. Know that while you are worrying or going through something difficult in Middle School, everyone else is dealing with their own difficult Middle School problems/issues. Getting to this higher level of understanding about yourself and your surroundings will really help you to understand why you and others may behave in certain ways. Keep in mind that the battles everyone is fighting are valid and may be harder or easier than yours. Since all battles are valid, it is crucial to respect and understand the issues of Middle School that others are facing.

3. Middle School is the longest and yet shortest time of your life. When I say this, I mean that sometimes Middle School will feel like it is never ending, plunging on to the point of no return. It will also pass by in a fuzzy blur at other times, and when it is over, it will leave you in a daze of remembering and holding on. This being said, appreciate the moments of Middle School, big and small—because they are so fleeting, yet so long. Even though the long moments may be hard and exhausting, soon they will only be memories. So make them count.

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