Land of Love

By Ryann Drue, TIWP Student

his smile and his crooked teeth,
his blue eyes and the mystery beneath,
has me ever so dazed
in the hazed
land of love.

his lips and his touch
remain on my skin,
like the sweet tattoos
that let me know how he’s been.

his laugh and his humor
something that i could never get enough of
a forbidden fruit
that i crave with such
an unexplainable passion.

i am lost in those eyes,
those ocean eyes,
i’ve been swept away by the riptides
and i don’t know
i can

i am in love with a boy.
i hope he loves me,
but you sometimes you have to let go,
swarmed with vertigo
and the happiness that you feel
as you fall
into pure uncertainty.

i am happier than i have ever been
when he’s here
there is no because.
it is love,
and love is




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