In A Light Soaked Realm

By Julia Lima, TIWP Student

This “found poem” was inspired by an interview of Gloria Steinem by Lindsey Stanberry:

In a light-soaked realm:
women fight,
women write,
women find strength.

Their spirits replace the floors,
their powers kill his policy,
and their revolution raises equality
like flowers on earth.

They are the majority,
a thousand times anything
you have ever seen.

They are visible,

They are not objects,
or dirty.

They have deep currents,
channeling bodies of hope.

They speak of freedom,
of change,
and of humanity.

They matter.
They did then.
They do now.
They will forever.

So treat them
as bosses,
as parents,
as girlfriends,
as people,
as equals.

This is the feminist dream.
Praise them.
Hear them.
Let them lead.



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