Questions Of Her Mirror

By Sophie Bubrick, TIWP student

Imagine, imagine waking up each morning to the faceless future of yourself—for all your mirrors have been stripped from their walls in your house. Could you handle having to create your ideal appearance based off of memory—or would you still feel that habitual need to ask your mirror questions from the moment you awake to the time you crawl into bed? Will it be warm or cool tomorrow, mirror? Is that pimple getting larger? Will I pass my English exam? Promise me I won’t cry tomorrow, mirror. Do I need to get a haircut? Wait…is that a unibrow, I see?! Your mirror will give you its opinion and you will leave your room with a satisfied decision. But someone is whispering your name down the hallway. Your bathroom mirror is dying to share its judgment, never letting you find stability in your aspirations or desires.

Now imagine these mirrors are gone and you can embrace the choice to declare what you know to be true. As you step outside into this new and extraordinary world, you find trillions of the tiny shards of glass strew across your porch, freed from their demented frames. And you realize—as you stare at your disfigured face in these shards—it was the mirrors who were corrupted all along.

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