If You Could See What I See

By Loryn Nieto, TIWP student

If you could see what I see, your eyes would light up with the bluest flame.

An ocean of chills would wash over your skin and leave you sparkly with salt crystals.

The sky would reflect in a thousand tiny mirrors giving you slices of a sunset in every perspective.

If you could see what I see,

you’d observe.

You’d hear.

Your ears would listen like the trees and the walls

and whispers would slip from your lips like the softest piano,

every note a twinkling fleck of snow,

gently swirling and scattering across green gardens.

If you could see what I see,

every freckle would be a star.

Every hug would be warm enough to melt smiles.

Every messy strand of hair would be beautiful

because it would be the product of long naps and close snuggles.

If you could see what I see,

“Good mornings” would be embellished with coffee kisses and dappled sunlight.

“How was your day” would be dipped in dark chocolate and honey fragrances.

And “goodnights” would be silent because the smooth clean sheets would kiss us to a gentle snoring sleep before we could find the words.

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