A Story of Love

By Ryann Drue, TIWP Student

he touched her rosy cheek.
his finger traced the lines of the shadows on her face.
he lifted her chin.
he pressed his lips against hers.

he gave her everything.
everything she wanted.
he was the everything that she wanted.
and she was the same to him.

they fought.
the storm thundered.
they made up.
the storm subsided.
they loved.
the storm was no longer a storm but the rippling waters of the sea.

he never hurt her;
in his eyes she was a delicate rose with enormous thorns
the size of her stubborn mind.
she was his muse.
she was beauty but she was also mystery, all in one girl.
that was why he fell in love with that one girl.
that one girl was the storm.
and he was that one sailor who was not afraid of the sea.

she admired the boy.
she loved him and his strong-willed sense of determination.
he was determined to love her unconditionally.
and she loved all of him for it.

and this isn’t one of those stories of tragedy.
you can find them now in a small house with two little children;
a boy and girl, both with the same qualities as their parents.
they both have never left the dream of love.
for them it has become a reality.

this is a story of passion, intimacy, affection.
this is a story of a sailor and the sea.
this is a story of love.

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