There’s a Place I Want to Show You

By Charlotte Houston, TIWP student

There’s a place I want to show you.
It’s green all year round and the grass shines with dew
but it won’t make your socks wet.
It doesn’t snow often there,
but when it does
everything is hushed
the birds finally sleep and your steps won’t make a sound,
I wouldn’t even know you were there if not for the footprints.
I like it best when it’s sunny
the flowers fly on the breeze and gather in puddles
just like snowdrifts.
This is where you would stay
if things were different.
You’re welcome to stick around
please make yourself at home.
Lie down in the flower petals gathered in the cavity of my chest,
stargaze in the darkness behind my eyelids;
make a snow angel deep under the layers of my skin;
join in the battle my breath fights every time it drags itself up my narrow throat
And fall back, weightless, as it inevitably drops back down again;
roll down the slope of my spine
(everything looks so pretty when it’s spinning
all the colors blur together and your knees get stained grass-green)
There’s more to see,
you could spend years exploring every meadow and clearing—
God knows I have.
I promise if you’d let me show you around here,
you’d find that you could really enjoy yourself
if only you’d stay.


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