Wasted Love

By Isabelle, TIWP student

The world is dripping in wasted love.

Can you see it falling from the skyscrapers?

Can you see it soaking in the mud?

Flooding bedrooms in lonely AM hours in crumpled up love letters,

Lining window panes,

Consecrating city skylines with all the times someone has looked out at them wishing for someone else to watch the lights twinkle by their side.

Can you see it burning behind the eyes?

And if you can’t find it, even in your peripheral vision,

If you can’t even spot it in your best friend staring at the classroom walls to avoid witnessing some other girl making eyes at her first love,

Then can you at least feel it?

Can you feel it pooling in your lungs itching at your throat like bile?

Am I the only one drowning under the weight of all this wasted love?

This world is bursting with sunrises that could’ve been watched by two people in love.

It is filled to the brim with love songs that could be someone’s “our song.”

It is saturated with people bleeding love out against their bedroom walls and people screaming at the sky begging for someone to bleed into them.

And it’s all wasted wasted wasted.

It’s oozing out of every crevice, every open wound.

It’s exploding out from the oceans, from the mountain highs.

It’s suffocating every single one of us

And it’s wasted wasted wasted.

I’m leaking out love

And I just want someone to take it take it take it.

Sometimes I wish that love were more like gasoline so that next time someone lights a match in my heart it will burn and burn and burn until the whole world is up in flames.

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