By Yvette Givvin, Women of Wisdom student

I hate busy.

This pace, this race to nowhere

To what, for what end?

It’s a mob running out of the theatre but did anyone stop to realize there is no fire?

We can walk out

We can talk and be friends

We can help each other

We can be careful and kind with our hearts

Do you feel the pressure building?

A heavy weight that drops further and further down the line with each generation.

We used to worry about getting into a good college, a career…

Now my 6th grader fears failure

One person can’t stop the race

Call me crazy but I’m getting off at the next stop

You can stay on the train

I don’t know where it’s going

Pssst “you can get off too”

A deep breath, a picnic, a book to read…this is living

Cook a meal with me

Look into my eyes so I can see your soul

Sit quietly with me as we look at the moon

How did we forget the simplicity of Life

Slow down with me

The race is over

There is no finish line

Let’s just watch the grass grow

We don’t need the trophy

Our ribbons are in the sky

Our medals are in our hearts

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