By Sofia Ruiz, TIWP student I hate it when you burn my grasping fingertips. But I love the warmth, and the moment before the sting – I am invincible. I don’t need someone to tell me that I am alright. I don’t need you to comfort me. I got my own back. People warn me that I’m playing […]

The World I Want to Fight For

By Sofia Ruiz, TIWP student The World I Want to Fight For. . .  . . . is a world where every child gets to read every book. It is a world where people receive a proper education, and where people understand the value of sharing a story, of sharing a fact, of sharing a […]

Shooting Stars

By Sofia Ruiz, TIWP student   “But how did you not see it?” “I don’t know! I swear I’ve been looking this whole time.” “Ugh the first shooting star of the night and you miss it! And I was so worried about you seeing it I didn’t get to make my wish!” “Ugh, I’m sorry! […]

The Visitors

By Sofia Ruiz, TIWP Student Their favorite time to visit is late in the night. They come in the dark, when everyone else is asleep, in the poorly lit corner of my home, under my bedside table. I remain awake, hearing the pitter-patter of their paws and feet and claws, scurrying around. They delight in […]


The following article was written from the heart during a recent class at The Intuitive Writing Project. TIWP and The Intuitive Voice want to know how young people are feeling about the epidemic of mass shootings that are occurring across the country, but most significantly, in their schools. Please share your thoughts with us by […]