School Shootings

By Elizabeth Odell, TIWP Student The alarm rings out over the loud speaker and we shuffle into our positions. The blinds are drawn and the door is locked. Kids crouch beneath desk and tables, eyes fixed on each other and the door and our teacher. And I wonder when this became so normal. I wonder […]

She Was

By Lizzie Odell, TIWP student She was completely whole and yet never fully complete. She was beautiful in an untouchable way, like the man in the moon when a piece of his face is always hidden. I never went looking for her that day that she appeared in my life, as though she was meant […]

The Storm

By Lizzie Odell, TIWP Student It is dark today. As the storm rages outside and the thunder sounds, a little girl stands by the window and watches in silent astonishment as the wind bends the trees towards the ground. She sits quietly as the lightning splits the sky and reflects off her bright blue eyes. […]

Here’s What I’m Telling You

By Lizzie Odell, TIWP student The following piece was written in a TIWP class after reading and discussing Eve Ensler’s “Manifesta to Young Women and Girls.” Sit down little girl. Let me tell you something. Stop running for a moment, brush the curls out of your eyes and listen. I’m going to tell you something […]