The End of the World

By Kelly Dissman, TIWP Student The year is 2050. Today I’m going to be the first teen to fly to the moon. I won’t go alone, of course. My dad is an astronaut and he’s been to the moon before, so he will come with me along with 3 other adults. Usually, space ships only […]

Life Can Be Beautiful

By Ryann Drue, TIWP Student Happiness is only relative leaving us damaged and broken. But in those fleeting moments we get to experience the epitome of life: both the laughing and the crying and even just the watching, as life passes by. You cannot have the calm waters without the raging waves. You cannot have […]

Those You Couldn’t Burn

By Alexia Tzortzis, TIWP Student They lived on the outskirts of town, their house a cottage of old wood and large glass windows, snuggled between two towering oaks, ancient trees protectively surrounding the clearing. The towns people called them the witches, an accurate name for the pair of lovebirds who owned a small shop in […]


By Neena Grewal, TIWP Student Men will fool you and say it is easy to spot a witch by the eyes. Defiant, devilish, dangerous. Lashes brushing their eyelids and pupils shrinking as they freeze their prey, staring every God-fearing citizen in the eye as an equal. It is not easy to find a witch by […]

Empty Rich World

By Julia Lima, TIWP Student in a world full of waterfalls and neon skies and endless fields, why should the toxic words of a teenage puppet be the tyrant of my brain for hours on end? in a world full of fresh orange groves and sacred ancient temples and twinkling stars, why should the standards […]

The Temple I Call My Mirror

By Julia Lima, TIWP Student “i found god in myself & i loved her, i loved her fiercely.” —Ntosake Shange i found god in the stripes that wrapped her skin i found god in the waist that stretched when she laughed i found god in the fingertips that navigated her ship so wildly i found […]

Writing Class

By Maxine Pollock, TIWP Student “A book must be an axe for the frozen sea within us.”—Kafka I choose to ignore the world that is functioning, living, breathing, and growing around me. The news, the people, the school, the work, the sports—all of it. I choose to ignore it, to tell myself it doesn’t matter, […]

The Girl

By Tyler Kaplan, TIWP Student The sun rose, the people awoke, and the day began. The little girl got up and glanced out her window. It was 6:30 and her neighbors were beginning their routines. Billy tossed the paper. Mr. Hover went to check his mail, and the old lady yelled at Billy for throwing […]

The Patrol

By Maxine Pollock, TIWP Student I woke up to a knock on the door and cursed myself for not waking up when my alarm sounded. My heart pounded as I swung my legs out from underneath my covers and raced to my closet. The knock sounded again and I panicked. I wasn’t ready for the […]