By Sofia Ruiz, TIWP student I hate it when you burn my grasping fingertips. But I love the warmth, and the moment before the sting – I am invincible. I don’t need someone to tell me that I am alright. I don’t need you to comfort me. I got my own back. People warn me that I’m playing […]

Lazy Summer Afternoon

By Veronika Pister, TIWP student Peach tea on a Sunday afternoon wooden porch and crystallized sugar mornings like honey evenings like scotch And every soul in the county knows 11pm is the best time to see the fireflies against the treeline And every kid in the house knows that after church there will be a […]

We Were Made For These Times

By Sophie Bubrick, TIWP student Open your eyes now. Don’t be afraid. The harsh, unforgiving world welcomes you into its unpredictable arms. A baby girl’s soft, button nose pokes out of her white blanket. Her dark, emerald eyes absorb the life emanating from all around her. She will grow up as elegantly as her mother […]

A Girl Like Me

By Izzy Gravano, TIWP student I think about the girl in Texas, or Georgia, or Alabama, sitting in the back of her Latin class, hiding behind her headphones, and her braces, and glasses and frizz. We aren’t that different. But she doesn’t dare put a bumper sticker on her car that would indicate that she […]

If You Could See What I See

By Loryn Nieto, TIWP student If you could see what I see, your eyes would light up with the bluest flame. An ocean of chills would wash over your skin and leave you sparkly with salt crystals. The sky would reflect in a thousand tiny mirrors giving you slices of a sunset in every perspective. […]

The World I Want to Fight For

By Pearl Biggers, TIWP student I don’t want to fight. No, I don’t want to have to fight. Whether this is fear or laziness, I don’t know. But I am not a militant. I am a creator. I hold onto love and daydreams, not anger and weapons. I am not a fighter. My heart is […]

Daisy Buchanan’s Diary

By Loryn Nieto, TIWP student He had me wrapped around his finger like the golden ring he twisted around mine. “The sapphires, they remind me of your eyes,” he would tell me. And I would smile at the floreal stones and look into his own dangerous eyes and see a very unpleasant place. His mind […]

Push and Pull

By Veronika Pister, TIWP Student Her cheeks glowed a pink sunset, her eyes, the blue horizon. How new and enticing this feeling is: warmth bouncing between his arm and her shirt, his skin and her shoulder, his blood and her blood. How fresh yet bizarre, the feeling of his breath, her cheek, his smile, her […]

They Do Not Teach You This In School

By Tracy Poff, TIWP Women’s Program What is school? Is school the brick building with desks and chairs?  It is the place where you put your tushie in a seat and listen to someone else talk? Words don’t teach. Your life on Earth is the real school.  What did you learn when you ate so […]

I Love

By Emily C., TIWP Student I love the way the ground smells after it rains—fresh and clean and new. I love the way the flowers flow in the wind, hugging each other with every gust of wind that comes their way. I love the way the sun rises and sets everyday and produces colors in […]