Women’s Work

By Libby Hawkins, TIWP Student We were taught at such a young age that what women “should” be. When I was little, I thought I would be a teacher or a nurse, until I’d drop everything to be a wife and mother. That was fine with me because that was all I knew. Then I […]

Who Am I?

By Elizabeth Kaur, TIWP Women’s Writing Program My father was born to parents who didn’t know sound, deaf mutes who found each other in the non-hearing community of 1920’s San Francisco. His Jewish father had fled Russia as The Revolution swelled, sheltered with his 16-year-old sister in the bathroom of the Trans-Siberian Express, coins for […]


By Zoe Moga, TIWP Student I think most of us love to ignore what we feel or what we want. I find that I often ignore what I need most. I try to listen to everything my mind, body and soul tell me, but it’s hard when everything around me is consuming the air. I […]

I Still Stand

By Lauren M. Fahrer, TIWP Women’s Writing Program I am bent, burnt and broken. I rise. I walked this path long before you arrived. I will be here long after you go. If I could tell you all my secrets, it would frighten you. It would give you reason to doubt humanity. But most of […]

The Familiar Path

By Cathy Lambert, TIWP Women’s Writing Program Walking down that oh-so-familiar path, surrounded by familiar sounds, familiar sights and familiar smells, I hear the blue jays and woodpecker’s overhead, boat motors in the distance, the gentle rhythm of the creek whirling over the stones it’s been polishing for hundreds of years, the steady rhythmic snapping […]

The Blue Heron

By Elizabeth Kaur, TIWP Women’s Writing Program We stopped to pick up the blue heron. It was waiting for us in that California-ware shop at Duncan’s Landing, near the end of the road that leaves Guerneville, the road that hugs the Russian River, winds through coastal redwoods, past the tin hut movie house in Monte […]

Kitchen Witch

By Scarlett Mosher, TIWP Student Oddly enough, people tend to assume that kitchen witches are always women. While the feet that pace the cobblestone floor may belong to my mother and sisters and friends stopping by for a cup of tea, I pace the kitchen as well, sifting flour and balancing too many eggs in […]

Social Media

By Libby Hawkins, TIWP Student It’s hard to be positive when social media is portraying how you should look and feel and be. How am I supposed to learn to love myself when all I see are a few types of people and all I am told is that I need to be like them, […]


By Zoe Moga, TIWP Student *Natsukashii originates from the Japanese language (なつかしい) and refers to a kind of idealized nostalgia, dreaming of a perfect time that never was. When I looked up in the stars, I used to see hope. I used to understand that there was more out there. I used to like that […]