I Wish People Knew

By Libby Hawkins, TIWP Student I wish people knew that there have been over ten shootings in schools this year—and it is only February. I wish people knew that even though it was not their sister or cousin or friends, it was someone else’s. I wish people knew that even though it happened across the […]

An Exciting Time To Be A Teenager

By Izzy Gravano, TIWP Student It hasn’t always been An Exciting Time To Be A Teenager. Middle school and high school are hells on earth. Adults see you coming and they turn the corner. Or they cover their ears before you’ve opened your mouth. As teens, we are blamed because we don’t know who we […]

Thoughts About Parkland

By Alex Bonardi, TIWP Student When my mom used to stress over my schoolwork or my life, I would brush it off and respond with “everything will be fine; it always works out in the end”— and an eye roll. She would stress even more and I would put off my schoolwork even more. But […]

School Shootings

By Elizabeth Odell, TIWP Student The alarm rings out over the loud speaker and we shuffle into our positions. The blinds are drawn and the door is locked. Kids crouch beneath desk and tables, eyes fixed on each other and the door and our teacher. And I wonder when this became so normal. I wonder […]

On Writing & Creativity

By Raelyn Kaplan, TIWP Intern I don’t know what to write (ironic because what I want to write about is creativity). I just can’t think of anything. But I guess that’s the antithesis of creativity—forcing out inauthentic pieces just to have a piece at all. It’s when I stop thinking that my thoughts turn creative. […]


By Ashley Larson, TIWP Student These walls know me better than my family. Inside, these walls hold our secrets, our past lives, our differences and similarities. Inside, these walls hold our screams, tears, radiating smiles and our world. Inside, these walls hold our true beings, our fantasies, our realities. Inside, these walls hold everything we’ve […]

A New Year

By Elizabeth Arroyo, TIWP Student This New Year, I’d like to put an end to the tradition of hurt, scared people pushing down other hurt, scared people to make themselves feel less hurt and scared. This just seems like the only problem that’s actually solvable in the next fifty years. You start at high school, […]

Big Boy

By Julia Lima, TIWP Student time’s up, big boy. it’s time you forget about speaking to me. it’s time you stop thinking we are even close to being on the same dimension. time’s up, big boy. it’s time you see the thick black tar that seeps through your teeth. how funny, big boy. i thought […]


By Libby Hawkins, TIWP Student Times up… On racism, on sexism, on inequality and injustice. Times up… On being disrespectful, on being rude, ungrateful and judgemental. Times up… On being degrading, on being suffocating, pressuring and draining. Times up for making people feel like they should be ashamed of their differences.