Dear Up-n-Comer

This past June, we asked our seniors to write a letter of encouragement to the next generation of rising freshmen girls. This letter was written by Veronika Pister, a graduate of both TIWP and Miramonte’s class of 2017. Dear Up-n-Comer, I remember my first year of high school. It’s one of those things that you […]

Lazy Summer Afternoon

By Veronika Pister, TIWP student Peach tea on a Sunday afternoon wooden porch and crystallized sugar mornings like honey evenings like scotch And every soul in the county knows 11pm is the best time to see the fireflies against the treeline And every kid in the house knows that after church there will be a […]

Push and Pull

By Veronika Pister, TIWP Student Her cheeks glowed a pink sunset, her eyes, the blue horizon. How new and enticing this feeling is: warmth bouncing between his arm and her shirt, his skin and her shoulder, his blood and her blood. How fresh yet bizarre, the feeling of his breath, her cheek, his smile, her […]

Don’t Agonize, Organize

By Veronika Pister, TIWP student   We are still here, the girl in the back of your Math class, the best player on the high school lacrosse team, and the waiter at your favorite restaurant, still here; still fighting. You can’t see the blood on our knuckles because that’s not how we bear the battle […]

Ryan and Samantha

By Veronika Pister, TIWP student The first time Ryan met Samantha is definitely not the type of story he hoped to one day tell their kids. Both their moms were getting gas, though his mom was taking a much longer time with it – cellphone in one hand, legal pad in the other. And they […]

Read Between the Lines

By Veronika Pister, TIWP student It used to be enough for me to bleed onto the page, messy red fingerprints splotched across a poorly worded cry for help. This is what poetry was to me, late Sunday nights with too much time on my hands, writing the clichés out for the first time and memorizing […]

Wasted Love

By Veronika Pister, TIWP student The world is dripping in wasted love. Can you see it falling from the skyscrapers? Can you see it soaking in the mud? Flooding bedrooms in lonely AM hours in crumpled up love letters, Lining window panes, Consecrating city skylines with all the times someone has looked out at them […]


By Veronika Pister, Intuitive Writing Project student “You can’t be ‘on’ 24/7” This is news to me. You can’t be back to back hard work up until the heart attack. You can’t have school days and school nights and school sleep.