Intervals of Joy

By Harper McIntyre, TIWP Student A dried up creeklike the intervals in joywe found silencewe found stillnesswe found greatness in our empty eyesour empty handsour empty heartsbut now the emptiness is goneand so is “we”but in this new tributary called “moving on”I’ve found more greatnessaccompanied with its usual emptinessjust a little less with only half […]


By, Harper McIntyre, TIWP Student I am lost in the world I createdto keep me content while I am still here’cause this world can start to get frighteningwhen you base it off all of your fearsThough I am grateful for all of the good times,and even more for those that were badI will pass time […]

Match Ready

By Harper McIntyre, TIWP Student I am a match ready to be litI am a puzzle waiting to be solvedI embrace my own emptinesstill my emptiness hastily dissolvesI am lost in the world I createdto keep me content while I’m still herecause this world can start to get frighteningwhen you base it off all of […]

Waste of Time

By Harper McIntyre, TIWP student Maybe it was myself awakingmaybe it was myself forsakingmaybe it was my lack of ambitionbut we all know it wasn’tWhat’s the harm?Lots of harmIf it works and even if it doesn’twas it ever a waste of time?It was never a waste of timethough a waste of time it certainly seemedguess […]

Foot Gazing

By Ava Skidgel, TIWP Student The train’s doors rushed open and busy feet stepped across the crack that separated the station’s city floor and the train. Above me, a sign that flashed “Crosby” indicated the train’s whereabouts. My head was perched downwards and I was observing the passing feet that trekked and treaded through the […]

Happy Birthday

By Adia Lee, TIWP Student I often think back to the night my friend and I spent days planning her birthday dinner and finally set the plan in motion on April 24th, the day of her 13th birthday. I think back to the moment it was instantly ruined, when we finally got our food, and […]

The Clock Ticks

By Ellis Murphy, TIWP Student I sit in the waiting room. The clock ticks, the pendulum swings. I look back at how I got here. At the series of events that led to this moment. The clock ticks, the pendulum swings. I remember the people chasing me. The woman in the alley. “Come with me […]

Don’t Look Up

By Eleanor Wilson, TIWP Student “There’s something behind you.” That was the last thing I heard my father say. That day still haunts me. The feeling of being shoved under water. It whispering in low tones to let it in. And in that moment I realized, the end had begun. Running. The loud sound of […]

Let it Rip

By Evy Anders, TIWP student new woken eyes meetones of peridot and obsidianbeneath the daily curtainof warmth and white light hidden pockets of stowed timevery few beheld the fogmore hidden than the travelling turkeysmore secret than these dwellings a fresh closeness swirling green and purplestudy the soul, then carob and pennychew on the warm contentand […]

My Love is Writing in a Valley of Flowers

By Katerina Bonderud, TIWP Student My love is writing in a valley of flowers. The kindness of California poppies delicately caressing my fingers. As I sit, I am immersed in a whole other world where trees bloom and bees are dogs. They float back and forth, carrying pollen to and from their hive. They support […]