For What It’s Worth

By Sarah Inouye, TIWP Alumna

for what it’s worth
i haven’t spent a single day
without being enamored by how
the hills look like knees
bent and leisurely

and for what it’s worth
i love the tiny labyrinth of the japanese market
and the weary old man in iowa
who kisses his wife’s knuckles and does the crossword
i love the bart train and the woman inside
who took my arm after i dropped my notebook and said:
“oh doll, let me help you with that”
i love the redwoods and snowy plovers and the sound of you singing in the other room as you get dressed for the day.

for what it’s worth
i once thought i wouldn’t be able to survive my body
i once thought the world would never open for me
and sometimes i’m still not sure it will
but what i can say is that
sometimes i have the benevolent feeling
that my love is so big it could cover the air like a tablecloth.

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